Who are we?  And what is THE LIFT EXPERIENCE?

We are a gathering of mid-life singles based out of The People’s Church in Franklin, Tennessee.  But oh, my friend, we are so much more.

We are believers.  Christ-followers some would say.  We are also sinners and doubters.  But we’ve been set apart, redeemed, blessed and smothered in grace by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.  We are business owners, employees and unemployed.  We are healthy and disabled, sheltered and homeless.  We are wealthy and bankrupt.  We are recovering and repentant.  Some of us have never been married and some of us are hoping the third time’s the charm.  We are black and white.  We are large and small.  We are young and old.  We are of many faiths, but we serve one Holy Trinity.  We are gracious and loving.  We are forgiving and compassionate, but ready to dole out some tough love if called for.  We serve first, then play hard later.  We influence with our hands, our feet and on our knees.  We can testify that no one is too far gone to be redeemed.  We are all living proof that grace knows no limits.

We are creative and forward-thinking.  We dig deep into God’s word and love us some Greek, Hebrew and Latin.  We are word-for-word old school in our message but modern media in our method.  We are multi-platform, God-everywhere aspirational artists.  We like our Bible on the BIG SCREEN and in SURROUND SOUND.  Or on our SMART PHONES with EARBUDS.  We appreciate our church fathers, but love what God is doing through modern Christian pastors, writers, filmmakers, poets, artists, musicians and comedians.  They all have a role to play in THE LIFT EXPERIENCE every week.  They inspire and motivate us to greater faith that results in greater deeds which brings greater glory to God above.

We are big fans of the Holy Spirit and believe we are immortal supernatural beings called to further God’s kingdom here on earth.  We get that earth is not our home and we are soldiers behind enemy lines.  We take our mission seriously – to seek and to save all who are lost, helpless and hopeless.  To that end, we love the culture, but we strive to live above it, because that’s the best place from which to launch a rescue!

We were once just three, and now number over 50.  It took us about a year to get there, but we’re nowhere near where God wants to be.  Our plan is to build our ministry one friend at a time, but never take our eye off the greater prize – a US population of 82 million singles that is expanding at unprecedented rates.  We are on mission to love and serve as many of them as will let us.

Yes, we are a diverse gathering, but we are one in the Spirit.  We have a big vision, a God-sized goal so He only can get the credit for any success we ever achieve.  Join us.  You’ve never experienced anything quite like LIFT.  It’s time to elevate your life.



8 responses to “About THE LIFT EXPERIENCE

  1. ….Is there anybody….OUT there?!?!

  2. Richard P.

    I believe that extraordinary things can happen!! This is pretty neat. I think I need to learn how to use Facebook.

  3. Richard P.

    Hearing log for today:

    -Alarm clock
    -Kitty cat
    And then the music starts…My life has a soundtrack, and it wouldn’t be the same without. Today: J. Mascis, Violent Femmes, The Tallest Man on Earth, The Wall, Isobell Campbell, The Strokes, The Pains of Being pure at Heart, and now some Cat Power.
    -Most importantly I’m learning is silence. Listening for the Lord. I was blessed with some of this today as well.

  4. liftedrichard

    Check me out I got a “gravatar”! I think.

  5. Kenny

    I can’t wait to see how the Lord is going to bless the LIFT experience. He has already taken us from 3 to 60, 70,….80. I’m praying big because I know he is capable!!

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