Going up?

by Dan Merrell

Life is like an elevator.

At the very top of the building, the penthouse suite, is THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE.

At the very bottom of the building, the basement, is THE WORST SCENARIO IMAGINABLE.

Somewhere in between those two floors is your floor.

It’s likely that depending on circumstances, some days you get on the elevator near the penthouse, and somedays darn near the basement.

Elevators go up and down.  It’s their nature, what they’re meant to do.

Sometimes you control that, sometimes you don’t.

Don’t we all wish there was an express built just for us that will take us right to the very top and beyond, like the WONKAVATOR?

Elevators do what they’re told, what they’ve been designed to do  (OK, sometimes they get stuck, but that’s rare.)

Sometimes you get on an elevator and you can’t wait to get to where you’re going (job promotion).

Sometimes, you’d rather die than cross that threshold (divorce court).

Sometimes, you stand outside and do nothing.  Too risky in there.

But life keeps going up and down without you.  People get on and off.

Life rushes by.

Up, down, up, down.

At some point, probably in the past, you may have been greeted by someone working the elevator who asked “which floor?” or “going up?”

These days, you don’t see folks running elevators.

Theses days we are greeted by elevator “music.” some beeps and clicks or dings or whatever letting us know that we really are making our way to our destination (up or down).

Some elevators are fancier than others, some faster, some larger (like in hospitals), some inclined (like in Vegas at the Luxor), some are glass (fancy hotels), both inside and outside the building (which is scary).

But they all get you where you’re going, wherever you’ve told them to go.

Sometimes you enjoy the ride, sometimes you don’t.

Other people may or may not be on the elevator.

Most of the time, you pretend they are not there, or just smile, or say hi, or talk about the weather, or watch the video or news crawl or listen to the little chimes and dings.

Have you ever stood outside the elevator punching buttons and wondering if anything is happening?

Have you every stood inside while NOTHING happened, and it kind of freaked you out a bit?

Imagine this tomorrow when you wake up and are ready for the day…

You are standing in front of an elevator.

What floor, in your life, are you on?  Near the bottom, the middle or the top?

Where is your destination?  Are you plans to go UP, to ascend to the best life possible?  

Or, do you find your fingers pressing the DOWN button one more time, just dreading the WORST CASE SCENARIO basement experience you’ve put up with for so long in your recent life?

What’s down there anyway?

Your ex?  Your kids?  Your finances?  Your unemployment?  Your bad health?  Your family?  Your eating disorder?  Your depression?  Your addiction?  Your disbelief?  Disaster?  Fear?  Death?  Hell?

What’s drawing you down there?

Who’s hitting the down button every day?


If so, why?  Do you like it down there in WORST CASE SCENARIOVILLE?

Someone else?

If so, why are you letting them send you down to the basement, or down at all?


Is GOD responsible for sending you down there, maybe as punishment, or revenge, or just because God can and wants to have you as low as you can possibly get to put you in your place once and for all, you miserable sinning wretch you?




Why are you punching the down button at all?

And if someone else is doing the punching why are you getting off on lower floors or in the basement?

Why not just push the button for a HIGHER FLOOR, or, GOD FORBID, THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE BUTTON?

Maybe you think your elevator doesn’t go up anymore.  Maybe you think you lost your chance.

Maybe, you like it on the lower floors.  Maybe what’s UP THERE is more scary than what you know.

Where are you headed tomorrow on life’s elevator?



Or down?

And why?


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